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We are almost done implementing the changes to the site. For our VIP members, we are trying to add a video chat module. There might also be an option to play games with other members. Any feedback on the website will be appreciated. We want to make sure that we exceed all of your expectations. Thank you for being members!
Great news!  We are excited to let all our members know that in the next few days we are restructuring our website to make it easier to navigate and we are adding mobile features.  We are also hard at work on the iOS app.  It should be available very soon.  We want to thank all our fellow Geeks for joining us on our quest and choosing us for your journey to find love.  We are committed to creating an experience that will meet the interests and needs of all our members.  As always, please message us with any questions or suggestions regarding our site.
Did anyone do any shopping for Force Friday? I'm trying to get my hands on one of those BB-8 toy robots! 
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