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Welcome and thank you for joining PLYR2.com! We are very excited to provide a service for our fellow Geeks. Our goal is to provide a site where Geeks can create relationships that can turn into deep friendships and hopefully love. As you know, our special interests, hobbies and lifestyles, can make it difficult for us to make a love connection.

Just to share my personal story, I have been a gamer and geek all my life. I tend to be introverted and shy, so the idea of having to go out to meet someone was very unmotivating. However, after being single for many years, I decided to join a few dating websites. Unfortunately, I found many of the sites were superficially driven, immersed in the “party culture” and other mainstream interests that I couldn’t relate to. My matches were limited. Luckily, after several of attempts to connect, I matched up with my “Geek Love”. Fortunately, she too was looking for love online, and by chance, we connected and fell in love.

However, that experience alone, is where my idea of creating a dating website was born.
I wanted to develop a website that would create an online social circle for our Geek culture to gather and connect. I wanted it to be a non-judgemental cyber forum for Geeks, Nerds, Gamers, and all others to gather and share their interests, build friendships and even find love!

Although we are at the very beginning stages of launching our website, we decided that we would open up the portal so that we can begin our membership program. We are currently developing an iOS and Andriod app to make the website more accessible to all our members. Feel free to use PLYR2 blog where members can introduce themselves, share gaming advice, talk about upcoming events of interest and anything else that you may feel other Geeks might get excited about. I’m also always open to suggestions that you think will make this site even better.

So thanks again for joining us on this journey! Thanks ahead for your patience as we continue to develop the site to meet your specific needs. Please share this site with your friends so they can join our growing family!

JT & Nika

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